Tuesday, December 05, 2006

How to Make Your Cover Letter the Rose Among the Thorns

By Jimmy Sweeney

The main point why you are writing a cover letter is to give the biggest answer every employer seeks in every applicant, why you are worthy of the job. You write your purpose in the letter succinctly and you will definitely get that job (of course your resume needs to look great too).

Cover letters need a touch of personality. The only way for that to happen is if you write it yourself. Do not depend on templates available in books, the internet or the one available in your computer. Letter that are basically the same are normally neglected specially if the company is in search for creative employees.

Before you even try to write the letter make sure you have researched all the necessary information about the company. Get full names, company names, head officers, goals, vision-mission and all the other important elements necessary to point out that you belong in their company.

Your cover letter must have three major paragraphs.

Starting paragraph

Let them know why you are writing to them. Remember to indicate your intended position. You need not let them know where you got information that they have an opening because it doesn’t really help you with anything instead let them know why you want to join the company. Apple polishing is great here but do not over do.

Middle paragraph

Let them know why you

are great for the job. List a few achievements, experiences and skills in this part so they will see how valuable you are. This is a good way to explain to them why you are the worthy one. Share examples but don’t put in the whole dramatic story.

Ending paragraph

Let them know you attached a resume in the next page. You can request for an interview here as well.

Remember to end the letter with gratitude.

Be succinct in all the parts. Don’t bore them to death with a letter that has so much stuff to read and words that only people of ancient times could understand.

Double check your letter for grammatical errors, punctuation marks and typo errors. Make sure that the letter will look professional. Avoid saying I too many times. They just may think you are too self centered this is something you don’t want to happen. Remember to sign in your name and signature before you submit the letter for a more personal note.

For your benefit and the reader of the letter it is best to keep the letter a one pager. Most of the time long letters bore employers and so they neglect the novel you painstakingly wrote for them.

Aside from the form and the grammar what is important is how well you fit the job description. Before you even try to insist and waste the time of both parties make sure that you fit the description to a T!

A great cover letter will garner greater results. Write well and write with a heart. The employer will see your willingness and effort.

Once everything in your cover letter is finalized, check one last time for errors or word that was not typed but were suppose to be there. Look at every single nook and cranny before passing the letter. Make sure your resume is equally as enticing as your letter.

If you are accepted you need to acknowledge their letter immediately and remember to say thank you for their effort and for choosing you.

Jimmy Sweeney is the President of CareerJimmy and author of "Amazing Cover Letter Creator." Visit him at: http://www.amazing-cover-letters.com for your "instant" cover letters today.