Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Why Didn't I Get That Good Job

By Anil Atluri

That cool large and colourful advertisement is very clear. When you go through that advertisement you are left with no doubt about what that company is looking for. Some of those companies go to the extent of splashing some of their own employees who convey you the feeling that they are enjoying their job and it is fun to work for that company and what’s more that they are being ‘paid’ to have fun.

No doubt, this makes you want to get into that kind of job. After all you just achieved your academic qualification that this company is looking for. And look at the kind of pay. And this person in that advertisement is looking for is no different from your own friend or the next street neighbour you occasionally bump into, individuals you know so well and hang out with and they are no different than you yourself.

So why delay. With your adrenalin pumping you reach out for the nearest pc with the net connection and pull out that ‘formatted’ resume and change the date and the ‘to address’ on that cover letter and email it.

And wait patiently for that call letter from the ‘coveted’ company. A company that literally raised your hope of finding the dream job with the best salary that you ever dreamt of. Time passes from days to weeks and there is no reply from that company but for the brief acknowledgement.

Now you are dejected. You did not get that call letter leave alone that job.

Did you stop and think about ‘why’ you haven’t heard from that company?

First things first. Do you know how much it costs to get that advertisement out? Companies in that league most of the time plan their recruitment campaigns and roll out across the identified territories aimed at the carefully selected target candidate. There is a lot of planning and effort that goes into it. At times the budgets that are allocated for the campaigns are several times the compounded salaries of the personnel likely to be hired. And it is all done by those individuals who have ‘fun’ doing that ‘job’ of planning and ‘rolling’ out the campaign. These are individuals who passionately believe in inviting other individuals like themselves to share their responsibilities efficiently and effectively for the collective good of all involved.

There are never short cuts to ‘good’ jobs. Good jobs need good people with good skills. Do you have it in you? Are you a good candidate? If you were a good candidate: you wouldn’t have sent across a ‘pre- formatted’ resume. You would have sent a résumé that was crafted specifically to that ‘job’ they had advertised for. If you are a meticulous planner you would have researched that ‘company’ and created a ‘cover letter’ highlighting all your skills that are relevant to the job that you are applying for.

That ‘individual’ you saw having the ‘fun’ and being ‘paid’ for the fun actually is in individual who is passionate about her job and is highly aware of her responsibilities.

That is the kind of person that company in looking for.

Not an average individual with less than average skills and less than par skill sets with mediocre performance capabilities and poor attitudes.

The days of ‘recruitment board’s and pulling the ‘right kind of strings’ to get that job with the most ’cream’ is gone. There are no more jobs for life time. Performance dictates what you get. In other words what you get is what you richly deserve.

Start thinking now. What have you got to give the company in return for the kind of pay and perk that you expect from the company? Your attitude. Your unashamed selfishness. Your greed for money for nothing in return.

Can you write a decent letter, leave alone an inter office memo? Can you work with figures and confidently articulate your views to others? Can you get along well with colleagues / team mates at the work place? Getting along well is not sharing a joint or a cuppa or a butt. Getting along is seeing that project through. Do you understand that you are one amongst the many? Can you acknowledge your ‘team mate’s contribution without any reservations? Can you help ‘them’ after office hours to help them complete the project on time?
In short can you think beyond “I, me and myself”?

That is what all that cool, large colour advertisement is all about. Are you now ready to be part of that system? Do you have it in you to get there in to that ‘glocalized’ office?
If not go get all those skills and then come back.
The ‘fun’ job is yours.
They offer you the best pay packet for having fun and something more too because you have proved that you deserve more. And decidedly so.

Now you have that ‘Good Job’ and getting ‘paid’ to have ‘fun’.
Isn’t that you ‘inspiring’ the ‘other’ looking from that advertisement?

Anil Atluri
Soft Skills Trainer