Thursday, September 14, 2006

Lying About Yourself Again; A Look At Resumes

By Lance Winslow

So often we find on resumes that people lie about their qualifications, abilities and where they attended college. Why do people lie on resumes? Is the competition so tough that they have to cheat or having they just been cheatings their way through school and in everything they do in life anyway and so what is a little white lie on top of a white piece of paper?

We see lies on resumes in the private sector as well as of the public sector. You would think that people would realize that eventually they will get caught, but instead they take the risk. Recently there was a person who was the head of Department of Homeland security computer department who lied about the school she went to and the degree she had earned. The degree she had was a piece of paper from a school, which she never attended, but did send them a check to get the diploma.

These diploma mills are part of the lack of integrity that we find on today's modern resumes. Now many corporations make lists of fake diploma mill schools and when they find them listed on a résumé that resume is discarded completely, without any further review. In fact there are computers now that do this. So, if you list a diploma mill school on your résumé you may as well not waste your time sending it to today's large corporations.

Lying about your self again? Why do you do it? Why do you cheat? Can’t you compete? Today's dishonesty on resumes is in direct proportion to the lack of integrity of our society and it is unacceptable. We find many employees complain about their employer, but how many employees lie on their résumés? Please consider this in 2006.

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