Thursday, September 14, 2006

Do Not Fall In Love With Your Own Resume; You Might Have To Update It Someday

By Lance Winslow

Many people have resumes bitter three to five years old and they never update them. Sometimes I wonder why so I asked one lady who is making copies of her résumé at the local Kinko's about her résumé and she said oh it is five years old I'm just running off copies. I almost started to laugh and then I gave her an inquisitive look. She smiled and said; what? I said; well, surely you've done something in the last five years haven't you?

She admitted that she had done quite a bit actually. But she did not want to look over qualified for the job she was going after and then I thought, well why not just downplay your credentials on your résumé and at least update it? She said she thought about that but she really likes this résumé because it looks so neat and it fits all on one page without looking too cluttered. It was a nice looking résumé I have to admit.

It had good use of white space, good font and it was crisp and clean just the kind of résumé that a human resource director might like. But I thought to myself I wonder what she is going to say when the human resource director asks her what she has been doing for the last five years?

I was not able to ask this young lady that question because she had made her copies it left the store. But I guarantee you that the human resource director will ask; what have you been doing for the last five years? Perhaps you will consider all this in 2006.

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