Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Discover How to Get a Free Resume Template (2)

By Peter Fisher

Free Resume Templates are in such demand that it's very clear to me as a professional career coach and CV/Resume writer that there is still a great deal of mystery as to what a good CV/Resume should look like.

When I last wrote about how you could get hold of your own free resume templates, there was such a great response that I realised I would have to do more. My first article about 'Free Resume Templates' was viewed almost 900 times in the first month after publication and when I followed this up with 'Free Resume Templates are Useless Without This Key' it in turn was viewed over 400 times in less than three weeks!

Check under my name above for details of these two articles if you haven't already seen them.

So, because there is clearly such an unmet need for good clear and above all FREE resume templates, it is time for me as a professional CV/Resume writer to respond. When you are submitting your Cv or Resume for a new job application you need to be sure that your CV or Resume is the best it possibly can be. Take plenty of advice from all the sources on the internet and use that advice wisely. if you choose to use free resume templates don't spoil your application by failing to customise the template.

Now you may say that by giving you more free resume templates, I will be doing myself out of business, but I hope that you will see how good my work is and perhaps recommend me to others who don't want to write their own CV or Resume. And anyway, I couldn't possibly write that many CVs and keep everybody happy in such a short space of time.

How do you get these new free resume and CV templates?

All you have to do is email me at

These are some of the titles you can expect from the free resume templates I have written especially for readers of

  • Insurance Resume

  • Sales & Marketing Resume

  • HR & Change Director CV

  • Junior Finance Assistant CV

  • Office Administrator Resume

  • Information Services Manager CV

  • Service Sector Executive CV and lots more...

In fact there is a total of 27 free resume templates including different versions of UK CVs and US Resumes to kick-start your CV writing efforts. Make sure you get yours now and don't miss that job you want.

Peter Fisher is an expert Author, Publisher. and webmaster. He coaches and writes for people undergoing career change. Everything you might need is covered on the main website at Your Career Change and for more CV/Resume resources you can access anytime Your CV Coach is where to go.

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