Monday, May 30, 2005

Interview Tips - # 7 and #8

Today we present interview tips #7 (Honesty) and # 8 (Smoking):

Tip #7 - Be honest!

This cannot be emphasized enough. Employers many times move in the same social circles and there is a very good chance that if you fib during an interview you will be found out sooner or later.

Even if you have already been hired, lying on an application or during an interview is grounds for dismissal with most companies.

Tip # 8 - Don't Smoke or Chew Gum

Don't smoke or chew tobacco just before or during your interview. Also remember to spit out gum, if you chew it.

Additionally, if you do smoke, remember to spritz yourself with light cologne or perfume before you meet with the employer as well as pop in a breath mint.


Roger Clark
Senior Editor

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Interview - Tips #5 and #6

Today we present interview tips #5 (arriving early) and #6 (preparation):

Tip #5 - Arrive early.

If your interview is scheduled for 1:00 pm; make sure you are there no later than 12:30 pm. It is quite common for employers to ask candidates to complete applications and other paperwork prior to their interview, whether they specify this when they schedule the interview with you or not.

Tip #6 - Make sure you are prepared for the interview.

This means that you have both practiced for the interview and have brought along all materials that you may need for any circumstance. (pens, pencils, notepad, extra copies of your resume, etc.)

Also make sure you have copies of your drivers’ license and Social Security card in case the employer needs to make copies for future employment records.


Roger Clark
Senior Editor

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Interview Tips - #3 and #4

Today we present the next two articles on interview tips:

Tip #3

Pace your conversation during the interview.

There is a fine line between not talking enough and talking too much.

Answer questions directly, elaborate when necessary but don’t ramble.

Tip #4

Make sure you are polite to everyone you meet while you are waiting for your interview.

This is extremely important because ...

1. These people may be your future co-workers

2. You never know who has the boss’ ear and will report your rude behavior or unseemly conduct once you’re out the door.

I trust you found these interviews tips to be of value.

Best Regards

Roger Clark
(Senior Editor - Top Career Resumes)

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Interview Tips - #2

Today we present the second in our new mini series of interview tips:

Tip # 2 - Go To The Interview Alone

There is absolutely no reason for anyone else to attend the interview with you and this includes parents, children as well as spouses and significant others.

If you are having a friend or relative drive you to the interview, politely ask them to wait outside for you. If for some reason, you are unable to obtain childcare for the time of your interview, phone ahead and politely ask to reschedule.

While this is not the best way to start off your relationship with the employer, it is a much better option than taking your child with you.


Roger Clark
Senior Editor

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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Interview Tips #1

Today we present the first of our new mini series on interview tips:

Tip # 1 Dress appropriately.

If you don’t take the time and effort to wear appropriate clothing to the interview, you will lose the job before you even get a chance to explain why you are the best candidate.

What you wear to the interview will greatly depend upon the industry or field for which you are applying.

Any office related position will require that you wear clothing that is no more casual than a button up shirt, slacks and tie for men and either a nice slacks/skirt and blouse combo for ladies or a dress/suit.
Only under rare circumstances would you need to wear anything more casual and this generally includes fields such as transportation, construction, mechanics, etc.

Additionally, clothing should be conservative and preferably reflect neutral tones. Avoid excessive jewelry. Don’t go overboard on the use of cologne or perfume.

Many people suffer from allergies and the last thing you want to do is cause your prospective employer an allergy attack.


Roger Clark
Senior Editor

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Friday, May 13, 2005

5 Simple Rules For a Great Job Interview

Once again, Top Career resumes brings you more valuable information on career topics. Today we have an excellent article on interviews by Donna Monday ...

 by: Donna Monday

Many years ago, when I was a young job-searching greenhorn, I ventured to New York City to take a bite out of the big apple of opportunity.

When it came to finding a job in a crowded city of millions, I quickly learned that it’s much easier on one’s sanity to sign up with one of the many employment agencies which helps job seekers looking for work.

I scoured the newspaper and found a large ad for one such well-known employment agency. True to their word, they promptly sent me off on several interviews – none of which I felt particularly comfortable at. Needless to say, I didn’t get any job offers.

While nursing a cold, I decided I needed a change. So, I contacted a much smaller agency and decided to see if my luck would be different.

These people rocked! They were down-to-earth friendly and genuinely concerned about helping me find a job. Before they sent me out on any interviews, they put me through a mock interview session and evaluated my performance (something the larger fancy-pants agency didn’t do). Afterwards, an advisor sat me down and we chatted about the results of my mock interview.

I am forever grateful for the feedback I got that day, because the interview preparation tips they gave me have served me well over countless interviews these many years. I’ve condensed their pointers into five simple rules that anyone can follow for better success at a job interview.

  1. Eye Contact – Look directly at your interviewer. Don’t cast your eyes down.

  2. Sit up Straight – Don’t slouch in your chair – it makes you look lazy and uninterested. Good posture makes you look like a confident person.

  3. Don’t Fidget – Keep your hands in your lap when you’re not making a point in the conversation. Fidgeting looks unprofessional.

  4. Speak Up – Don’t mumble your words. Speak directly at your interviewer with a clear, strong voice.

  5. Smile and Show Some Personality – It’s ok to be a little nervous, but remember to stay loose and be yourself. Personality counts for a lot.

Of course, there’s a lot more to think about when preparing for an interview. But even if you only remember these five simple interviewing rules, you’ll be able to make a good impression on the one person standing between you and a job – your interviewer.

About The Author

Copyright 2004

Donna Monday writes employment related articles for

I trust you found the above article of benefit.

Kind Regards

Roger Clark
Senior Editor - Top Career Resumes

Monday, May 09, 2005

Job Seekers Benefit From Launch of New Career Web Site


Job Seekers Benefit From Launch of New Career Web Site

The recent launch of fills a much needed gap in the provision of industry specific career information, all in one convenient location. Besides touching all the usual bases, it uniquely provides job seekers with an industry overview, prospects for career advancement, guide to job search, resumes and cover letters as well as training and qualification requirements for that industry.

Do you want to learn how to write the perfect resume to land your dream job?

It sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. Learning to write ideal resumes and land your ideal job is the idea behind; a comprehensive new career website that has everything you need to know about resume writing and career selection.

This website is for anyone who wants to know the real scoop on how to impress an employer with a winning resume. This website skips all the fluff and gets to the heart of the matter, blowing all other job search and resume websites clean out of the water.
The information and secrets revealed about finding your ideal job and how to write a winning resume to land the ideal job are nothing short of absolutely amazing.

Besides the resume tips, templates, outlines and formats that are contained on this website there is also a ton of other information that even individuals who are only considering a career change will find useful. This site covers all the bases, including Career Advice, with information on career choices, how to set goals and even tests and objectives.

The Career Choice of the Week focuses on a new career field with complete information such as an industry overview, prospects for career advancement, a guide to job search, resumes and cover letters as well as training and qualifications requirements for that industry.

One of the best things about this site is the wide range of information covered. Other sites may have resume writing information or occupational growth statistics, but Top Career Resumes gives you everything you need to know in one convenient location.

Regardless of where you are in your career right now, you will be able to put the tools and secrets revealed on this website to work-immediately. Written and researched by experts in the job search and resume writing sectors, this site is an easy guide that can be easily used by anyone.

This website puts the power back in your hands. It’s your career, you decide. Not only does this website provide you with the convenience of career planning tips and comprehensive industry information, as well as resume writing guides, there is also a five star service guide to help you find the best resume writing services out there, if you decide to go that route. With this tool, resume writing and distribution services are regularly reviewed in terms of quality and value for money. Other sites advertise services for companies because they are paid to do so. On, only those sites that meet rigorous quality and value standards are highly recommended and receive the coveted five star rating.

Nothing is held back in this all inclusive career website. It even provides advice to help you decide if a resume writing service is right for you, and a complete directory on the different types of cover letters and tips on how to write and utilize each one.

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If you want a competitive edge and to increase your chances of getting the job you desire quickly, then you can’t afford not to visit this website.

This site can be found at

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Top Careers News - Jobs Update 004/1

Please take a look at our recent additions relating to specific jobs at Top career resumes:

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